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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back home from Vacation and a bunch of None-Scale-Victories

I do not even know where to begin.. because I had such a wonderful time in Europe, lived each day to the fullest and didn't think about my band at all.
It was the first time since being banded that I (almost) forgot that I have one except for the moments when I got stuck... I stepped on my parents scale once I arrived and yesterday morning before I left, and to my surprise I lost a Kilo (2.2 pounds) which I did not expect because I just ate what felt right and didn't think about calories or exercise at all. I just lived life like a regular person and it felt great and kind of liberating. I visited so many friends and family and it was always about food. Brunches, Lunches, Coffee, Dinners, etc. I did not feel deprived of anything and ate whatever I wanted (just very small portions) and avoided slider foods but drank approx. 2-3 glasses of wine a day which I usually do not do. I never felt the need to stuff myself or had to wait for the band to stop me... I just knew what was right and when to stop. I got stuck on two occasions... one was at a Spanish Tapas bar when I got stuck on Dates and the other time on a baked potato with smoked salmon, no idea why it happened because I didn't do anything different)

The flights were great, I didn't feel anything different except when the plane decreased the altitude. I think that maybe the cabin pressure changed during that process but it didn't bother me that much, however I could not eat that super-delicious European breakfast they served on my way to Eruope and my coffee got stuck so bad that I had to let it out. Other than that... no problems whatsoever... I was able to eat from all the other meals (they serve several ones on a 12 hour flight) For the first 2 days I was a little tighter than usual but I am not sure if it was flight related or had to do with my period. And since I only returned last night I have not eaten anything as of yet (still jetlaging) but will definitely let you know if I'll feel anything different.

As you may remember I was a little worried of how my people over there would react to my weight loss and I am happy to report that they were sooooo happy for me and I heard nothing but beautiful things. Some people were more shocked than others but all agreed that I look great and congratulated me on my weight loss. My uncle even told me to stop dieting because I am getting too skinny... I've never heard anyone saying that and it made me laugh because it felt so surreal.

I could fill pages of all the great things I have done and what a wonderful time I had and how much I enjoyed the "European Things" such as going to Beer gardens, sitting in Street-Corner-Cafes and going to "Fests" with Live Music, etc. and how great it was to spend quality time with those I truly love (and vice versa)

U2 was giving a concert in my home town last Thursday and I even got tickets and enjoyed a wonderful concert with my little baby brother. I love Bono <3

The 2 weeks flew by so fast and I did so many things and met so many people that it will take a couple of days to reflect on everything.

But I already reflected on the None-Scale-Victories :-)))

- In the airplanes there was a whole lot of seat left... no seat belt problems of any kind and for the first time I didn't feel "heavy" even though I am still kind of "heavy"
- I don't think anyone realized that I had WLS and it was absolutely okay to eat out and I focused on appetizers (I love Italian and Greek appetizers) and Tapas at Spanish Restaurants... I only ordered foods that I like but also had a high nutritional value (nothing fried and always some kind of protein with veggies). I even had ice cream and cakes here and there, but never the portions I would eat prior to banding and always shared it with others (which is by the way a wonderful thing to do... I totally enjoyed sharing a dessert with others) I did not feel deprived of anything and it was the first time EVER that I lost 2 pounds on a vacation :-)))))
- I felt physically fit and was up to a lot of things that I could have never done a year ago... like enjoying a 6-mile leisure walk around a lake just for the heck of it with no purpose and not to "exercise" but just to go for a walk and to enjoy nature.
- I received a lot of attention from men and if I were single I think some of them were the kind of men I would allow to invite me for coffee ;-) but at the same time it felt kind of awkward because my mind didn't allow me to enjoy the attention since my mind is still telling me that I am fat = ugly! and it made me feel uncomfortable. Difficult to explain but true.
- The day before I traveled I bought 2 GAP Jeans in size 14 because they had a sale going (Buy one get one for $20) and I had to return them because they were a little lose... YESSS!!!! *Smile* I can wear a tight size 12 now :-)))))
- I always used to wear a 39.5 Shoe Size (European Size) and my feet shrank to a size 38.5 which totally annoyed the sales person since she had to run back and forth what felt like a gazillion times.
- I bought 2 pairs of high heels... and the most important thing is that I can walk in it and they truly look great. Can't wait to wear them <3

I am sure that there is much more I could add but those are the most important ones since they are completely new and really put a smile on my face.

There is one more thing I want to add.

I was always wondering what life with the band would be like when I encounter situations that include a lot of food and the joy of food... like going to Europe and to sit in front of a plate of edible childhood memories... or passing by the most delicious Ice Cream (for me Pistachio) Stand, etc. but I realized that I am healed... I am truly healed from eating large amounts of food no matter if they are good foods or bad foods... they do not taste better just because I eat more of them... and a little bite or two is all I need to get my fix. This is totally wonderful.

I still have 30-40 pounds to lose and for the next couple of months I will give it my all... I will run off to the finish line and I am looking forward to maintenance because I really know that I can totally do this...  and that I will never ever allow myself to be obese again.

I hope all of you are doing great... I am a totally bad blogger lately.... *Sorry* but I promise that I will blog and leave comments once I am fully back... right now it feels that my body is in L.A. but my brain is still somewhere in Europe.

But it surely feels good to be home again and to enjoy the SoCal heat <3


PS: I have not updated my weight loss ticker and will do so Friday.