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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Easter Challenge

I really need a Challenge... an aggressive one! Those challenges always lift my spirit and get me motivated.

So I decided to set an aggressive goal for Easter:

I want to be at 225 on Easter Sunday... that's 13 pounds to lose during the next 4 weeks and 2 days!

Did anyone of you guys set an Easter Goal? Let me know so I can watch your progress!

Okay, I have no time to waste ;-) I am off to the gym! After that I will cook my favorite salmon, lemon, tomatoes and onions oven dish, will order in a chick-flick (poor hubby) and drink gallons of Moroccan Mint Tea.

It's really coldish in L.A. and even tough I enjoy the comfort of the inside I can't wait for the baking hot temperatures to arrive!

Have a great weekend and Happy Losing!

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Lap-band promoters' troubled history -

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bye bye 240s - Hello 230s... have not seen you in a while

Glad to see you again 230s.... have not seen you in a couple of years :-) And when I met you last time you left way too quickly ;-) Hopefully you won't stay too long neither but this time you'll be replaced with the 220s not with the 240s! Yeah!

Guys, you have NO IDEA how thankful I am for my great restriction. My surgeon put my right back to my sweet spot and I am back in the weight-losing-mode. 2 more pounds to go and I will reach the 60 pounds mark :-)))

It feels good to have a real restriction because it not only restricts me from eating too much but it also removes craving for certain foods. Food is the last thing on my mind, yesterday I realized at 3 pm that I did not eat anything all day... not good and will not happen again, I promise! At 3 pm I ate some high-fiber Kashi Cereal with low fat greek yoghurt (actually breakfast) and for Dinner I had filet of sole and some spinach. I am drinking a lot of water and also had a bottle of Isopure to make sure I get enough protein and of course took my vitamins. I take 1000mg of Vitamin C (normally take 500mg), a Multi Vitamin, B-100s and Omega Gummy Bears.

On a different note;
Today my seeds arrived and I cannot wait to get my vegetable garden started. I've decided I want to try out gardening and to harvest my own veggies (hopefully). I ordered organic seeds from an online store and will try my luck with tomatoes, eggplants, peppers (hot and sweet), zucchini, broccoli, melons, potatoes and all kinds of herbs and mint. Not so sure if I have a green thumb... but time will tell ;-) To be on the save side I also ordered a book about square foot gardening and a book that explains everything in detail. Cannot wait to get it started.  Will keep you updated on my little gardening project.

Thanks for your warm welcome-back messages. I am soooo glad to be back and really need my blog and you guys through this journey.