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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Houston, We have a Problem!

I won't be having my revision surgery from lap-band to sleeve on Friday :-(

When I received the insurance approval in the mail I realized that there was a totally different hospital listed than what I had actually expected. I have no idea what has happened and why nobody told me that the surgery wouldn't take place at Cedars Sinai because all my other surgeries where performed there. And believe me, I would have went to the wrong hospital on Friday because I had no clue at all :D

Anyway, after some some soul-searching I decided to cancel the surgery at that other hospital and to have it re-scheduled at Cedars. I do not like hospitals in the first place and just the thought of needles and general anesthesia freaks me out already... I am not willing to take that additional stress to deal with a hospital that I do not feel positive about. I trust my surgeon 1000% and I wouldn't let anyone else perform that surgery but him. But in the end it's not only the surgery, it's also the hospital stay, the nurses and the care I'll receive once the surgery has been completed. All of this has to feel right... and it didn't!

I am kind of disappointed because I was really, really excited and sooooo ready!

On Monday I had my pre-op physical, tomorrow I will go for the chest x-ray and I have all the paperwork to go for the lab/blood test once I know when the surgery will take place. The labs are only valid for a limited period of time.

Let's see what will happen. I hope to have surgery soon because the scale is not my friend at all and that greedy stomach of mine isn't making it any easier for me.

I will keep you informed.

Love and Hugs,


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