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Friday, April 6, 2012

Upper GI Endoscopy

I had my upper GI endoscopy done on Friday. It wasn't that bad because everyone around me was in a very happy mood and the staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center treated me like a little princess. The worst part, as always, was the IV needle :-( I am such a needle-phobic cry baby ;-)

The Doc found a hiatal hernia and something else that I cannot remember because I was too "high" from the anesthesia but I believe he said that there is inflammation and some kind of gastritis? I will find out more once my surgeon receives the report from the Endoscopy-Doc.

At any rate.. I do not exactly know what the "hiatal hernia" means in conjunction with the band. I had a hiatal hernia before the band and it was repaired during lap-band surgery by my surgeon. So something must have happened. I am now on 40mg Prilosec a day.

My mind is now completely set on the sleeve. I really want to have the revision surgery. Actually the sooner the better. I am ready. I will see my surgeon on Tuesday and hopefully we can get this process started so I can have surgery before summer.

(PS: I actually wrote this on Saturday but never got a chance to post it)

Will post a follow up soon.

Wishing you all Happy Easter or Happy Passover or just a Happy Weekend!

Love and Hugs,


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