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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What does your fat feel like?

:-D I have never had a chance to ask anyone that is losing weight and since there are so many of us I would really like to know if you are feeling the same.

When I was laying in my bed last night I felt that all my "fat" feels very different... kinda like Jello or Cotton Balls... very very soft, liquidish, weird... especially on my belly and hips...

Only a couple of weeks ago it felt much more "solid"... I let my husband touch it and he could not believe how funny it felt.

Do you feel the same? I hope it is a good sign :-D

In regards to my post from yesterday and the "Starvation Mode Myth" I would like to add, that of course everyone has to do what works best for each individual. If it works for you to eat more calories and it speeds up your metabolism, good for you! Unfortunately it does not work for me :-( And since I am wearing the GoWear Fit device I can monitor my metabolic rate very closely... the calorie/food intake does not speed up or slow down the rate for me. The only thing that speeds it up or slows it down is my work out routine (or the lack thereof).

I am just so frustrated with that stupid plateau that I am trying to find ways to get the weight loss going again... eating more food/calories had the opposite effect for me... unfortunately... don't get me wrong, if a piece of chocolate could speed up my weight loss I would be more than pleased ;-)

Will keep you informed. At least the scale moved 0.9 lb this morning and hopefully it will move down instead of bouncing back up again. GRRRRR

Wishing all of you a wonderful week and many SVs and NSVs!

@Marie: What do you mean by Chicago? Did I miss anything? Please fill me in!

Here are my statistics from yesterday 4/24/10 (click to enlarge)


  1. I'm still fat and haven't lost any weight so I can't comment. :( Hopefully that will all change in 2 months when I get my band.

  2. yeah the past week or so i've turned all squishy lol jennifer (the southern belle) did a post awhile back about the squishy phase :-) i hope it passes soon!!

  3. Haven't noticed a difference, but I try to pretend like the fats not there, so I touch as seldom as possible ;)

    Good luck with the plateau, its really annoying when you KNOW you're working hard and you aren't seeing results as fast as you want, but it will come, I'm right there with you sistah, I'm PRAYING tomorrow I will wake up and it will be sayonara 220's!

  4. Where have you been? LOL! Some of the gals are planning a get together in Chicago the end of September. They are calling it BOOBS. I'll try to forward you the info or you can find it on a lot of the gals blogs. I'm very blog illiterate so I'm not sure how to do it!

  5. Yes! I am squishy!!!!! I hate it! I hope it passes soon. I'm working out more and doing weights to try and firm up my fluff.