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Monday, November 9, 2009

I am in pain! My port area hurts really bad!

First off all thank you for all your feedback and comments and a big, warm WELCOME to my new followers! I will address your questions once my pain subsides :-(

Over the weekend my port pain increased, so I called my surgeon's office today and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. It just does not feel right and something has to be wrong. I am not too sensitive when it comes to pain and I have no clue what causes this pain.

A couple of hours ago the pain turned into a strong constant pain... it feels like an internal burning and it is painful just to stand, to lay down or to walk around. The only time the pain feels less painful is when I am sitting down.

The port area is red but it isn't warmer than any other areas of my stomach and I do not have a fever. The incision looks kind of normal, there is nothing leaking and it looks like a normal scar, just a little darker than the other ones.

My husband is totally over worried because he knows that I can take pain well and when I say I am in pain I am really in pain. He even wants to take me to the emergency room but I can hold on to it until tomorrow. I rather have my surgeon look at it than someone that may not even know what a lap-band is.

Please cross your fingers that this is not an infection and just something very minor and the pain goes away fast and for me to continue my journey with a huge smile on my face.



  1. mine burned like fire for about 3 weeks. it was really bad if i happened to bend in the wrong way.

  2. We will be thinking of you, let us know what the Dr. says. Hope you get this all straightened out today and feel better soon.

  3. Yikes, that sounds painful! Hope your appointment goes well today, let us know what the surgeon says.

  4. Wow woman you are strong. If your husband knows you as well as you say, you shouldn't wait.
    You body is living big changes everyday and you should be very attentive to it, it is in a very fragile period. Hope you get well soon.

  5. I'm having port pain. It started all of a sudden.... what did they say about it?

  6. I had lapband 2 years ago, to get a "fill" they must go in sideways, the last time they bent 5 needles before they got the fill in. now I am hurting in that area badly, thinking of going to the ER, but not sure about the Dr. if I should wait and try to get an appt. tomorrow, of even if he can get me in... HELP.... The PAIN.....

  7. My port is crooked also, but with an xray for fills they can hit it right away. No need for broken needles

  8. i had my lapband done in aug of last yr have had a fill and my port sits in my rib cage and gets stuck and hurts like mad i cant sleep it hurts i am now seeing a new doctor and he does not like that it sits in my rib cage but my port hurts still what should i do if any ideas email me at