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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekly Weigh-in, Shoulder pain, Port pain... Am I getting old?

It all started on Sunday... I made my first unhealthy food-choice and my band punished me immediately. I got stuck, slimed and PBd... by far the worst and luckily only episode I have ever had. No idea what happened exactly, all I know is that it took 2.5 hours for the pain to subside. Out of lap-band land the following would sound a little like an eating disorder but within Lap-Band band land it seems to be acceptable. I really love my band... instead of eating a 650 calorie meal I was only able to eat 4 bites of it and those four bites didn't actually stay inside of me while I still got the satisfaction from having something I was craving for some time. Now I am completely "healed" because just the thought of that certain food makes me sick. The same happened to me with Bacardi almost 20 years ago and I was never able to drink it ever since.

On Monday I started getting port pain... I don't know if it was caused by my episode or if I tore a muscle/scar tissue while wrestling with my dog. Definitely something I need to keep an eye on. I can feel it when I move a certain way or if I want to sleep on my left side. Don't think that it is an infection but I have not completely ruled it out yet, because my belly button area is warm to the touch and it looks a little red-ish. However when I ask my husband to look at it he says that it is not red and that his belly button area is hotter than other areas as well. Will wait and monitor it until Monday and if the pain doesn't subside I will definitely call my surgeon.

Do you still have port pain once in a while? I have had surgery 8 weeks ago and I am not sure if I am overreacting or if I should be concerned.

Since Monday I am also getting left shoulder pain when eating certain foods. Not all foods cause shoulder pain but solid foods definitely do. No idea why this is happening out of the sudden and the only thing I can think off is that I either agitated my diaphragm or esophagus during my episode and the shoulder pain is referred pain similar to the gas pain that I experienced after surgery. It may also be caused by my last fill... and I am a little lost here because I do not know what to make of it.

Anyone experiences shoulder pain while eating?

I still have to figure out a lot of things regarding my band and I am not sure what is considered normal and what not.

I also want to share my good news with you.... I have lost 3 lbs last week and this brings my total weight loss to 31 lbs. Still working towards my Thanksgiving goal of 255 lbs... but will have to take exercising more serious starting tomorrow.

I hope all my fellow bandsters are doing great, I will catch up on your blogs once I hit the submit button.

Happy Weekend :-)


  1. Great job on weight loss - 30 pounds is huge. I had to laugh at your Barcadi reference. I haven't had rum since high school because of an unfortunate incident.

  2. i get port pain if i bump it or wear clothes that bothers it.
    At 8 weeks out, i remember still getting 'sore' quite often from the slightest of things.
    Shoulder pain is probably gas. walking or gas meds may help.
    I would watch the spot you are thinking may be infected. call your Dr. if you have doubt. i had an infection start 4 months after my band was placed (at my port incision) and i wish i had gone in sooner. the scar is much darker in that spot than any of my others.

  3. i have lots of left shoulder pain, too. i thought it was the way i was sleeping, but it could totally be band related.

    anyone else?

    1. yes!! been dealing with shoulder pain due to band for years last yr its been horrible on a reg basis. doc says due to scar tissue on band rubbing the nerves.

  4. I'm sorry about these aches and pains. I think you ought to call your surgeon on Monday-- these are things to discuss with him/ her and the worst that will happen is that you've raised a false alarm. No need to go it alone.

  5. I think its a good recommendation to ask the Dr. I did have port pain and referred shoulder pain but even today have what feels like a "stitch" in my right side when I eat too much. I also had an incident one time where I actually felt a burn and felt a pop near my port and I was so sure I'd popped stitches. It turns out that it was scar tissue that popped or broke and wasn't uncommon. I was so relieved and never had any problems after that. Congrats on the 30! that's an awesome achievement!

  6. Hey thanks for your comments on my blog! I am excited about this new restriction, thats for sure!

    I don't really have any port pain at this point. I would call the Dr.

    And...30 pounds is totally rockin. Good job!

  7. stardustic, you have to be so thrilled with your weightloss. I am still too early in my journey to relate to the pain you describe, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the phone and call the doc (I am sure they would want to know about it)
    Love your blog.. and congrats on your great efforts.

  8. Went back to the very beginning and read your entire blog this morning. You are doing so great! What an encouragement to me, just got my insurance approval yesterday. Keep up the great work, I'll be reading!!

  9. I just read all of your posts, am new to all of the band blogs. My seminar is on the 19th of this month. I already have insurance approval and am ready to move forward. You sound like you are really dedicated to doing things right. I've read lots of blogs and some people seam to be sick alot. That scares me. If you don't mind my asking...why don't you want anyone to know about your band? Just curious. I've already told people about my decision and have gotten plenty of negative comments. Anyway, you are an inspiration, keep going.

  10. Hi Star I just wanted want to congratulate you on your weight loss you are doing so well. I also am experiencing port pain it depends on how
    I lay and when I eat and I get full I start to get shoulder pain that is a sign to let me know to stop eating I'm getting full. You have to listen to your body.

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