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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still waiting for the results....

I have not blogged in a week and I just want to give you all an update... have not received news on the results yet. The pain in the port area is still present and it really bothers me because it prevents me from working out. I have been down for the last couple of days and it upsets me that I have to deal with all of this. That's the reason why I did not feel like blogging, the moment I blog I have to face the fact that there may be an infection and until I know for sure I like to pretend that all is well.

At least on the scale front everything is going well for me. I have lost another 5 pounds (36 in total), said my good-byes to the 260s and I am only 4 pounds away from reaching my Thanksgiving goal of 255. Looking forward to that number very much because I won't be morbidly obese any longer and this number is a very important milestone in my journey.

Thank you for all your positive and motivating comments to my last blog entry. You are the greatest cheerleaders! I wish I could give you the same support right now and I promise that I will be back to my old self as soon as I know what is going on within my body.  Waiting for the verdict is the hardest part.


  1. Oh no! I truly hope there ins't an infection- or if there is, that it's easily treated.

    You're doing great. Hang in there.

  2. Stay positive, put yourself a luxury goal. A friend of mine is losing lots of weight also and for 75 pounds anniversary she is buying herself a diamond.

  3. I hope you get good news very soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you ...

  4. Fantastic on the weight loss! Hoping for the best on the infection front. Keep us posted, I had been wondering how it was going.