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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Infection or no Infection? Waiting on the verdict...

I went to see my surgeon today. He was totally unaware of why I came to his office and probably thought that I wanted another fill. I wish...

So I had to break the news to him that I am having port pain since more than a week and that it just does not feel right and that I think that something has to be wrong.

I have to admit that I was reading in the Complications section of almost all night and googled as much about infections as my brain was able to take. Poor People, I never really paid attention to that section before and my heart goes out to all the people that had complications. I was kind of worried to see my surgeon today because all that negative stuff on left a very bad taste in my mouth - especially when Doctors did not do right by their patients and one complication led to a series to other complications.

I am so utterly thankful that my surgeon did exactly what I expected him to do, without me telling him to do so. Even though I already knew that my surgeon is great, he completely renewed my confidence and trust in him.

My surgeon agreed that the area is red and he also felt that the area is warmer than other areas. He numbed the area first and then drew some liquid from the area. He wanted to see if there was pus around the port. There was no pus, however the liquid was not clear as it should be but milky. He asked me if I recently hurt myself because it could also be a reason for the liquid to be milky (from the fat).

So he will send in the liquids from the affected area and requests a culture. It is then placed in a container with a substance (called growth medium or culture medium) that helps organisms grow. If nothing important grows, the culture is negative. If something that can cause infection grows, the culture is positive. The type of organisms will be identified with a microscope, chemical tests, or both. (Source:

This will take approximately 10 days and then we will know for sure if it is an infection or not. And if it is an infection he will also know what kind of an infection and will be able to properly treat it with medications.

If it is an infection I will have a minor surgery to remove my port and it will be placed back once the infection is completely healed. :-(

On my drive back home I had one of my emotional break-downs that lasted 20 minutes. I just had to let it all out and had to cry.  This time it was a Beyonce Song, that switched my mood in a split second from total sadness to total happiness, because deep inside of me I just know that in the end all will be good. No matter if I have an infection or not... if my port has to be removed or not I will deal with it either way and will continue to have a positive outlook.

I am back home, took one of the crushed nasty-tasting antibiotic pills, still listening to Sweet Dreams and inviting positive energies into my life... because life it just too short than to waste it with worrying, sadness and negative thoughts! There is nothing I can do to change the outcome anyway.... So I will wait on my verdict with a smile on my face and hope for the best!

Will keep you up to date!


  1. you should ask your pharmacy for some of the liquid they flavor kids' medicine with. Walgreens here gave me a whole bottle of the stuff for free when I filled a prescription. it really helps to smooth out the taste of pills that are very gross when they are crushed.

    hope all goes well and that you aren't infected!

  2. Stardustic
    Hope you feel better, I know it must sound scary; do you think you strained yourself and your port? I know that my port (realize band) has clips that my surgeon sutured into my muscle.
    Hope it's not serious, and that you can focus on your continued progress. be well
    Barbara from (me and my lucky lap band)

  3. sounds like your doctor is on it. positive thoughts and good music the next 10 days!

  4. So sorry you have to deal with this! It is fixable no matter what, and you will get through it. Be good to yourself!

  5. I hope so much that you get good news about your port. It is just a setback either way and you have a great attitude to help you.

  6. Glad to hear that your Dr. is on top of it! Whatever the outcome you will be healed up in no time. In the meantime, take it easy and hydrate, help those meds kick your cooties!

  7. So sorry to hear about all of this. Hoping it comes back fine and you don't have to have more surgery. Thinking of you!! xoxo

  8. Hoping that all is well sooner rather than later for you! I have the Surgery next Wednesday the 19th so I am watching your blog constantly to see if everything turns out well. Hoping that I don't have any complications too. Keep us posted. All my healing thoughts go out to you.

  9. Hi Star I hope everything turns out okay and I pray you don't have to go through surgery again. Glad he went ahead and treated it.

  10. Hi Stardustic... haven't seen any posts recently. I really hope you are doing well and things are not serious. Please update us.. I miss your posts..