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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Port removal - It's done - Living without a port!

It's done... my port has been removed on Friday morning. My surgery was scheduled for 7:15 am and I had to be there at 5:15 am, way too early for me... but this way I could not worry too much.

When we arrived at the hospital I had to follow the same procedure as for the initial lap-band surgery except that it took place on a different floor. Everybody was extremely nice, caring and professional. After I changed into the "sexy" surgery outfit they took my weight and the hospital scale displayed 254.5 lbs which made me extremely happy... but since I do not go by the hospital scale it does not mean that my scale at home will display the same weight. At any rate... it made me happy because in that very moment I was not an morbidly obese person :-)

I mentioned it already in my earlier postings that I have a severe needle-into-my-veins-phobia and during the last couple of days I had some horrible experiences. For the pre-surgery blood test I was sent to one of those diagnostics centers on Wednesday and met the rudest nurse EVER. She did not care, yelled at me and even insulted me because of my accent. No idea what her problem was. I surely hope that she does not have any children. Then on Friday at the hospital an anesthesiologist student was trying to put the IV needle in but couldn't do it. He tried 4 times at different locations but did not hit the vein. After that I was so frustrated that I asked for a "real" anesthesiologist to put in the IV because I couldn't take this try and miss the vein any longer. He put it in with the first try and it was not painful at all. However, my arms and wrists are all blue and green from all the trials.

Then everything went very fast, my surgeon arrived, my doctor arrived (no idea why he was there), my husband was called in and I tried to convince everyone that I do not need/want general anesthesia... the last time I felt so horrible that I did not want to go through all of it again. So they gave me propofol  instead and I knocked out and cannot remember much.

My surgeon took my port out... AND he managed for me to keep my restriction! YEAH!!!! So now I do not care how long this healing process will take because I still have my restriction.

Even though I wish that I had never gotten this infection in the first place, it was important for me that my surgeon found out what kind of an infection I have and since it is a staph infection (staphylococcus aureus) it was also important for me to have the port removed. Unfortunately the antibiotics will not work on the port (or any implant for that matter) and some surgeons believe that there is a  strong connection between infections and that they (if not treated 100%) may later lead to erosion of the band. This is not a chance I want to take.

Sorry, TMI... my surgeon did not close up the port area, so I am living with a hole at my belly button area until Tuesday. It is stuffed with gauze and I have to remove it 3 times a day and have to keep it wet with Saline. Not something that is very pleasant to do. But this way most part of the infection can leak out. It is not that bad especially since it is so much less painful than when the port was still inside.

I am feeling good, have no pain and most importantly I still have a restriction. No idea when the port will be put back in... but will definitely keep you informed.

Thank you very much for your positive words, motivation, encouragement... you are the best cheering squad anyone can have... you guys are the BEST!


  1. Wow, that was intense to read. YOu are a real trooper. I think I would have passed out just looking at the whole in my stomach. I am so glad to hear that they figured it all out and now you are in healing mode. Did they give you any idea how you got the infection, any chance that it occurred during the fill?
    we are all pulling for you. So glad to hear that you still have your restriction. My port is sort of annoying, I notice it every time I bend over. be well

  2. I am thinking about you, glad to hear all went well (well besides the multiple sticks and wound care that you have to do) glad to hear about the restriction, you will be over this hump in no time, until then keep you chin up!

  3. I am so glad that it went well, and you have restriction. I'm sorry you had such a rude nurse - why do these people take these kinds of jobs when they don't have the personality for them? Here's to your recovery!!

  4. Wow, you came through this like a trooper. Continue to stay strong and by the time you need another fill you should be healed and ready for a new port! Glad it is all turing out well.

  5. So glad that everything went well. And how awesome that you still have restriction! Hopefully you'll just be able to pick up where you left off before everything with the infection happened.

  6. WOW - I am so glad you're doing well, maintained your restriction, and seem in good spirits! Sorry about the hole in your tum, but whatever's best for ya!! :)

  7. You are keeping your chin up and that is the main are on the mend and hope you feel better soon...

  8. So glad to hear it is over with. Now you just need to heal, then on to your weight loss. So sorry to hear about the RUDE Nurse! Did you get her name? You should report her. I can't imagine any Company wanting an employee that is that rude, working for them.

  9. I'm sorry your journey is bumpy right now, but just know that you are still on your way! Keep your spirits up. :)

  10. Sorry to hear about the infection but I am hoping you'll heal quickly and well. I am glad you'll still have the band benefits as you continue to heal. Get your protein to help you heal!! xo Vanessa