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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally... Good Riddance 270s

Finally I lost the 3.5 pounds that I had magically gained. I have no clue where the 3.5 pounds came from but I know that they were anything else but fat.

This morning I stepped on the scale and it finally displayed the number I was so much waiting and working hard for:  269 pounds!

This brings my total weight loss to 26 pounds!

I increased the exercising to 30 minutes power-walking in the morning and in the evening, my dog loves it even more than I do ;-) and 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the stationary bike. Unfortunately I have not found a boot-camp-style jerk yet, that will boss me around (a/k/a personal trainer). Not an easy task, I guess my personality and looks are too sweet a/k/a soft and people are afraid that I could start crying when they boss me around. Until I find the right person I will  continue to  exercise at home / outdoors. After reading your Blogs and your work-out DVD experiences I  also ordered some for myself... they will get here by tomorrow but I will most likely not get a chance to watch them until the weekend. I ordered The Shred and some Pilates DVDs and will definitely let you know how much I like them or hate them ;-)

In regards to the restriction... well... Since yesterday I do not have much of a restriction left... it magically disappeared the same way as the 3.5 lbs appeared - no explanation whatsoever. So tomorrow I will call my surgeon's office and hopefully I can get another fill next week.

09/09 = 295
09/11 = 290 (Surgery)
09/16 = 283
09/19 = 282
09/22 = 279.5
09/25 = 278.5
10/03 = 277.5
10/06 = 276 (First Fill)
10/11 = 274.0
10/12 = 273
10/13 = 272
10/14 = 271.0
10/16 = 274.5
10/20 = 271.1
10/21 = 269.0

14 pounds to go until I reach my first mini-goal of 255!


  1. Hey congratulations, don't you just love it when you hit another milestone like that.

  2. Dang it girl, you are closing in on 30 already! Way to go!

  3. I always either plateaued or gained a pound or two around my cycle - start journaling it and see if you can determine a pattern. You're doing great, though - be your own personal trainer.