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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I got 2 pounds (gain) and a plateau for my birthday!

Unfortunately my birthday gift of stepping on the scale and to see 269.9 did not happen, instead I stepped on the scale and it showed 273, which means that I gained two pounds.

Not what I was looking for but not really a problem, I know I have done everything the right way, I keep an journal on my food intake and wear my GoWear Fit device religiously to monitor how many calories I actually burn.

On an average I have been burning 3000 calories per day and only consumed 800-1000, so there is no way that I have gained any fat, in fact I have lost fat. That 2 pounds must either be water, muscle mass (hopefully) or a combination of both.

I need to remind myself often, that my goal is not to lose weight, but to lose fat. Big difference!

My heart goes out to all of you that are dealing with a plateau. It is frustrating but we should not allow it to define your moods (easier said than done) I will not allow that scale to rule over my mood any longer, it does not matter what it says, and I have to learn to trust myself and my band.

I am at a point right now that I have reached a gazillions of times, I started a diet, followed it religiously, lost some weight and then the weight loss would stall, sometimes for weeks... It demotivated me so much that I did not see any sense in continuing my efforts and it was easier to allow myself to cheat and to ultimately stop my diet and exercise.

Not this time!

I am not on a diet! Period! I will just continue and see where it leads me..... (and it better leads me to ONEderland)

Great answers to my last post, you have no idea how much I appreciate all of you. You made me feel so much better and cleared all my doubts and questions I had. It really helps to read how others think and to know what and how they do it.

On Friday I truly felt that I needed another fill and even called my surgeons office and convinced them to give me another fill. They agreed and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday... No idea what was wrong with me... because since then I prepared a morning star veggie patty with a slice of cheese on it and also some left-over vegetables, made sure that it was no more food than the size of 2 decks of cards and could not even finish half of it. Same on Friday night, we went out for my birthday dinner and I ordered salmon with garlic broccoli and ate 5 tiny bites of salmon and 1 or 2 broccoli pieces. I felt really full and could not even try my husbands dessert because of it. Yesterday my husband wanted to eat Mc Donalds and after a night out I did not mind not cooking so I had an order of Chicken Selects and could only eat 2. I wanted to eat the 3rd one badly (head hunger) but I just couldn't.

So on Monday morning I have to make an embarrassing phone call and cancel the appointment because I need to give myself some more time. I do not think that I have a fill issue. When I eat slider foods I do not get the same satisfaction from a small portion meal compared with a solid food meal. I really need to make sure that I eat solid foods and stay away from mushy foods. And Mc Donalds is certainly not something I want to have on my meal plan on a regular basis but it was interesting to see how the band changed my eating habits from a big mac with medium fries to 2 chicken selects strips.

Breakfast is a real issue for me... I just do not know what to eat... I cannot eat eggs every day and oatmeal really bores me... What are you eating for breakfast? What works best for you?


  1. I am still on liquids so can't tell you what I am currently eating. I can tell you that I am not a breakfast food girl so maybe by thinking outside the breakfast food box you will find something that works better for you. Nothing says you can't have tuna salad for breakfast or anything else for that matter. I am glad you are feeling better about things and I think only eating 2 chicken selects is something to celebrate!!

  2. I just bought this weekend Jimmy Dean D-lights Turkey Bacon Breakfast Bowl. I have had this before pre band and it is really good. I am thinking I may be able to eat half one day and have the rest the next day. (or right now I might eat it all!). It's 240 calories and 19 g or protein for the entire thing. Also check out she has lots of South Beach friendly breakfast dishes and casseroles that are high protein and can be low fat (I use extra light cheese, etc.) I made her zucchini and green chile breakfast casserole this morning with cabots 70% reduced fat cheese and it was good.
    My husband liked it and I still have leftovers for a could of days this week.

  3. I can relate to the feeling of wanting to throw in the towel after not seeing the movement on the scale you'd like. Good for you for keeping a positive outlook. You're right, the band is for a lifetime! Also, good for you for listening to your body and canceling your fill. From what I've heard an over fill is no fun!

  4. Lets all say it together: No more diets! I just blogged about this!

    Keep doing what you're doing, shake it up a little bit, and the weight will come off. Hang in there!