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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Setting a Thanksgiving Goal... here we go! Are you in?

I am normally very careful when it comes to setting weight-loss goals because it is really frustrating if you do not reach them and since weight is determined by so many factors (muscle gain, water gain/loss, etc) and you never know how the scale will react on a certain day especially when it comes to MY scale. As you all know by now she likes to lie a lot and is very lazy and I also suspect her of discriminating against obese people! I hate her as much as I love her.

At this time however I need a goal, I need something to work forward to, something that motivates me to get up and exercise and to pay close attention to what I eat. Not that I have been cheating or having difficulties in following my regiment... I need that mental challenge of proofing to myself that I can lose a certain amount in a certain time period. Something I can and have to fight for.

My first mini goal is 255 pounds. According to my height (5'7) I would not be considered morbidly obese any longer and is a major milestone in my lap-band journey. Reaching 255 pounds would bring my total weight loss to exactly 40 pounds and I am "only" 13 pounds away from reaching it.

I was debating with myself all day and could not decide between Thanksgiving and Christmas... but in the end Thanksgiving won! Losing 13 pounds until Christmas would not be a real challenge. I am all for aggressive goals and even if I am short a pound or two I know that it will lift my spirit for the next 4 weeks and will make me give it my all.

It will put a huge amount of pressure on me and I will have to work hard to reach it within 4 weeks...

Fellow Bandsters... who else is in on it to set a Thanksgiving goal and willing to work hard for it? I wish some of you would join me with a Thanksgiving weight loss goal... I really think we can shred a good amount of weight before the holidays and celebrate our loss with a delicious (but tiny) portion of a Thanksgiving Dinner without feeling guilty about it.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I am working on a Thanksgiving goal but I am a little worried. I do not get my first fill until 11-30. Not sure if setting a goal during bandster hell is a good idea.

  2. i am down with a thanksgiving goal. i have it on my blog as the "turkey test." i want to be down 10% (for me that is 32lbs) from my original starting weight by thanksgiving.

    i've done 21 already so that leaves 11 to go. i get my first fill on tuesday and i hope that kicks my rear in gear!