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Friday, October 30, 2009

Yeah, the scale is moving again :-) - Thanksgiving Challenge?

Finally the scale is moving again. I am beginning to like the liquid diet, not because of all the "delicious" choices I have but my scale really likes it. Today was my weekly weigh-in and the scale spoiled me with 267 lbs and this brings it to a total loss of 28 pounds!

Last night something weird happened,  I could feel that my body was eating itself from within. Does that make sense? Have you ever felt anything like that?

The second fill really helped, not sure about the restriction yet since I have not had any solid foods. At any rate, I am glad that the scale is finally moving again and that I do not have to look at the 269 any longer.

250s I am coming :-)

Thanksgiving Challenge... Maybe you did not get a chance to read my last entry and I want to ask again if you may be interested in setting a Thanksgiving goal?

This is what I wrote yesterday (Original Post)

My first mini goal is 255 pounds. According to my height (5'7) I would not be considered morbidly obese any longer and is a major milestone in my lap-band journey. Reaching 255 pounds would bring my total weight loss to exactly 40 pounds and I am "only" 13 12 pounds away from reaching it.

I was debating with myself all day and could not decide between Thanksgiving and Christmas... but in the end Thanksgiving won! Losing 13 12 pounds until Christmas would not be a real challenge. I am all for aggressive goals and even if I am short a pound or two I know that it will lift my spirit for the next 4 weeks and will make me give it my all. It will put a huge amount of pressure on me and I will have to work hard to reach it within 4 weeks...

Fellow Bandsters... who else is in on it to set a Thanksgiving goal and willing to work hard for it? I wish some of you would join me with a Thanksgiving weight loss goal... I really think we can shred a good amount of weight before the holidays and celebrate our loss with a delicious (but tiny) portion of a Thanksgiving Dinner without feeling guilty about it.

Let me know what you think!

@ Southern Belle: I do not know what to make of "Bandster Hell" because I was still losing 14 lbs  between surgery and my first fill. But it is up to you. You won't need to set an aggressive goal... let me know what you think! Hope you have fully recovered from surgery already.

@ Nicole: Great!!! Will check it out on your Blog!


  1. That is awesome! I would love to do a challenge but can't even think about it until after my 2nd fill next week. I am so not motivated right now! I will check in when I am....

  2. I hope I can follow your example with the 14 lb loss, I am trying hard but it's difficult right now when I am so stressed about work and I feel horrible. If I could lose 10lbs by Thanksgiving I would consider that to be a victory!

  3. I'm not banded yet-- so I really think it would be failure mode for me to participate but lots of good luck!! Remember, it is the war you want to win, and not the battle-- don't be too hard on yourself to reach an arbitrary date or numeric goal. Keep on doing well and your weight will come down over time1!

  4. I'm Canadian so my T-giving has passed, but yours is on Nov. 26th, right? I'll weigh in tomorrow am, and think of a decent goal.

  5. Hi.. can I join in your challenge? I've only just found your blog. I'm a year out.. and weight loss is much slower now for me.. I'm going to set a goal of 4 pounds by Thanksgiving. ~Jennifer

  6. Hi, I'm Preband, But I'm going to set a goal of 8 lbs. We can do this together! My Consult Date is next Tuesday so hopefully my Surgery Date won't be too far away. Then I can get really aggressive in my goals. I love your positivity. Stop by my page sometime!