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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NSV and my second fill!

This morning I was forced to try on my most favorite size 18 jeans... Not in my wildest imagination did I expect to really be able to close the buttons... BUT... I did! *dancearoundthecomputer* So I was wearing a size 18 Jeans for the first time in *letmethink* 10 months and it felt great, except for the  little muffin top, but who cares when you actually fit in it ;-)

This was a very important NSV for me, even more important than any scale victory.

Shortly after something very weird happened... I was checking on one of the incisions and felt a little bump and I pressed on it...Sorry TMI... but when I pressed on it liquid came out of the scar. I could not believe my eyes and I pressed on it again and more liquid came out... like when you have a zit *panic*. I put one of my Hello Kitty Band Aids on it (they really make me heal faster) and was not worried too much about it because luckily I had an appointment with my surgeon today and he told me not to worry and that it is an suture that my body will either reject or dissolve and that he could take it out but if he did I would end up with a larger scar. I decided to let nature take it's course instead of dealing with a bigger scar. As long as it is not an infection I can deal with it.

I got the second fill and it was not painful at all. This time I had so stand up while he adjusted the band... I had to drink water again and unfortunately I finished the 2nd cup before he completed the adjustment so I actually had to hold the needle that was stuck inside the port while he was getting me another cup of water. That was really funny. I feel so blessed that I selected Dr. Feiz as my surgeon, he is great and so is his entire staff. If feels more like you are visiting family than dealing with a physician. I hope you all are also blessed with your surgeons.

For dinner I had a Atkins Protein Shake and there was no way that I could drink it at fast as prior to the second fill. There is definitely more restriction. Will do 2 days of liquids and 2 days of mushy food and will let you know how it goes with the fill and the changes I will experience.

Will ignore my evil, lying, bitchy scale until Friday and hopefully she has some good news for me ;-)
How do you guys manage it not to step on the scale every day? I have to step on it several times a day and it makes me upset that I am so obsessed with the numbers. Unfortunately did not move and is still showing 269... Hopefully the fill will make her move!

Other than that all is well in La-La Lap-Band Land... have a lot of catching up on your blogs to do and hope all of you are doing great!

Sending lots of California Sunshine over to Gen to melt the snow as fast as possible! Poor thing.

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