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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clear Liquid Diet

As of today I am on my clear liquid diet. It is not too bad, I am drinking lots of teas, isopure, broth and water. I even cooked lunch and dinner for my husband and it did not bother me not being able to eat.

I also like the idea of drinking teas. During my last trip to Europe I bought a lot of different teas from all over the world and I never got a chance to try all of them. I love European tea stores, unfortunately I have never found an equally good assortment in the US. Some time ago I ordered some teas online, but they were really disappointing.

So I am sitting here, drinking a glass of almond tea and I am looking forward to get banded in....39 hours... ;-)

Will keep you posted.

Did not expect to be THAT hungry.... I really am! I am starving! I wish I could at least have a protein shake or soup... but I cant :-( and I wont

I believe this is the price for over-eating without feeling hungry for years.

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  1. I am worried about the liquid diet and I hope I can stick to it. You did good. Congratulations.