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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the wall....

I am sooo in love with my "new" (slimmer) feet that I had to get a pedicure today... I went all the way and had the deluxe package, that included a mask, 20 minutes massage and paraffin. Feeling soooo good and spoiled.

Also made an appointment for a facial to pamper the newly-found-again lines in my face ;-) So tomorrow after I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon I will have a facial.

My favorite place for facials and doing my hair is Aveda... their products are inspired by Ayurveda (the Hindu science of longevity) and they only use ingredients that are found in nature. I swear by them. They have Aveda Salons all over the US, some do offer facials and massages, some do not. Their products and especially their services are just outstanding.

I decided that from now on I will love and cherish my body and will treat it good and most off all with respect. Only the best foods, ingredients and products. I have not felt like that in a very long time... and I am happy and grateful that I finally woke up from my Princess-Snow-White-Sleep.

Today I went on the scale and it showed 280.5 *smilefromeartoear*  but I do not know yet what it will be like on Friday, I weight in on Fridays. I am looking forward to saying my final good-byes to the 280s. I have said good bye to them before, and unfortunately they came back uninvited... I really hope that my lap-band keeps them away for good! They are not invited back, ever again!

I am still thinking about a name for my lap-band. It is a difficult decision and I have yet to figure out if I have a male or a female version. I think I have to get to know it a little better before I can decide on a name... but it definitely needs to have a name. Most things in my life have a name, even the voice of my navigation system ;-)

My closet still looks like a mess, like a real mess, clothes laying around everywhere and I am still digging myself through everything in order to get an overview of all the things that I own. With all that yoyo-dieting... losing weight, gaining weight, gaining more weight, losing weight, gaining weight, gaining even more...I have clothes in way too many different sizes and most of them do not even fit, but will fit soon (the sooner, the better :-)

Did not continue with my closet-project today and did not do much except working... working... working...  I am glad that I have no pain and no discomfort of any kind *knockonwood3times* Tomorrow I have my first post-operation check-up, do not know what to expect exactly but hope all will be well.

I would also like to say "hi" to my followers, makes me very happy to have friends and followers on blogger, I am reading your blogs as well and find it pretty exciting to follow your success stories.

We will do this!!!!!!! Stay positive!!!!!


  1. I think you should name it George, just sounds good to me ;)

  2. I think it is a great idea to reward yourself. I hope you enjoyed it.