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Friday, September 25, 2009

I did it :-)

It is 12:30 AM PST and I am officially in the mushy food stage... hold on a second... I need to dance around the computer for a moment... I am soooooo happy :-)

I am happy because I really stuck to the liquid diet for 16 days! I am proud of myself! I had some tough moments, especially when I cooked very delicious dinners for my husband, but I stayed strong and determined and did not even lick my fingers just to proof myself that I can do it. AND I DID IT!... sorry, need to dance around the computer again, brb ;-)

  • I lost 16.5 lbs
  • My feet and ankles got slimmer
  • My face shows lines
  • My ring finger got slimmer
  • Two weight loss "holes" appeared right below my ribcage
  • My teeth are whiter because the liquids gave me a constant urge to brush my theeth
  • I am feeling great!!!
I had to share this with you before I go to sleep... and will probably dream of my first mushy meal that I will be having for breakfast :-)


  1. Congrats! You must be so proud of yourself, you should treat yourself again, maybe you should go shopping? or is still too soon for new clothes?

  2. Yeah! Mushies are soooo much better. But the weight loss is tougher in this stage (for me anyway!) Enjoy your new meals!

  3. I'd be dancing, too---congrats!