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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Recovering from nausea and dry heaves

To my surprise surgery was not bad at all, the hospital and it's staff were great, they were all extremely friendly and professional. They cared and understood the worries a patient has before surgery. Most off all they really understood my phobia with needles that have to go into my veins. I thank them for that.

After I drank that apple juice in the hospital I started to get really nauseous. I have not felt that bad in a long time... It was a feeling of helplessness, it took over my entire body and I was unable to function. The anti-nausea medications did not work for me and I had to find ways to deal with it. My husband was even more worried than me, because I am normally a strong woman and I deal with things and do not whine about them. He wanted to help me so bad but I did not let him because I was unable to communicate with him. Talking made me even more nauseous so I kept it to a minimum. My husband is a wonderful man that truly loves me and for him just being there caressing my arm to relax me and help me fall asleep was more helpful than any medicine.

I had strong dry heaves. I could feel how my mouth filled up with saliva and my body gave me all the signs that vomiting was imminent.... but I could not vomit.... I was hoping I could... but I could not. I had the worst attack at 3 am... right after that I took more anti-nausea medications and also the pain medications and to my surprise they worked and I felt asleep and slept until 9 AM.

Since then I am feeling fine, I have very minor pain... a little gas pain in my left shoulder and do not have any hunger nor appetite. I take my anti-nausea and pain medications every 6 hours, read a lot, walk around in the backyard, watch tv, drink teas and nap a lot.

I would do this surgery again... it was not bad at all!

*giggle* *smilefromeartoear* I have a lap band *jump* *scream* *hugtheworld*

This is the bag they gave me right after surgery and it has been next to me ever since.

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  1. Do you think the apple juice caused the dry heaves? I am worried about feeling bad after surgery. Were you allowed to eat the same day?