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Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting better and better....

This morning I received a phone call from the insurance nurse. She asked how surgery day was and how I felt. I have to admit really like the fact that my insurance company offers that service. She answered my questions regarding the bowel movement and she said that I had no reason to worry since I do pass gas. She said that once you are able to pass gas it shows that everything is still working and that it is not unusual to not have any bowel movements after surgery.

I guess that's how life is because after I hanged up with her I had my first bowel movement ;-)

Unfortunately I forgot to ask her about the dry heaves. After reading Dr. Ortitz's book on lapbanding I am really worried that my almost-vomitting-attacks did cause damage. I hope not, but will ask my surgeon, just to make sure that everything is okay.

I am normally a very relaxed person and do not worry about things that cannot be changed anyway, but in this case I am worried because I really want my lap-band to work and of course want to lose weight :-)

Other than that I am doing fine. I have not needed any pain medications/anti-nausea medications since Sunday morning. I can move around, get up and down easily and still do very good on the liquid diet. I am cooking for my husband every day and it really is not hard at all, I do not even have an appetite.

My husband drove me around so I could run all my errands, I went to the bank, the supermarket, the post office, met with a client to hand out some paperwork and did not feel any negative side effects. It is really going good. Did not expect to feel that good after 3 days of surgery. (KnockOnWood3Times)

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